Water management

The water treatment concept is the set of unit operations of physical, chemical or biological type, which finality is the elimination or reduction of the characteristics undesirable of water, either natural, supplied, processed or residual.  The finality of these operations is to obtain water with suitable characteristics for the use that they will be given, so that the combination and nature of the processes varies in function both properties of starting water and its final destiny.

Due to the major exigencies in reference to the water quality is centered in its application for the human, animal or vegetal consumption, these are organized with frequency in purification treatments and treatments of residual water depuration, even the mentioned methods share lots of operations.

Gel water for irrigation

“Solid water” is the qualificative attributed to this irrigation system. This is a solid inert compound, which captures the water and withholds it getting a gel state, without modifying the chemical structure of itself.

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