About us

We are a company dedicated to the integration of environmental processes with new technologies and innovation, in order to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly products, in addition to providing comprehensive solutions to the requirements of each of our customers.

-Our engineering enables the interaction of natural, chemical and technological processes, determining the state and trends of the resulting environmental problems.

-Develop capacities to integrate working groups and interdisciplinary teams in the realization of projects and projects, contributing the scientific-technological approaches of engineering in the resolution of environmental problems. We prepare and evaluate environmental impact studies.

-Competences to participate from the engineering in integrated management programs, in regard to the formulation of projects, preparation of strategic plans for prevention and control, as well as environmental audit functions and advice on the selection of low-impact technology environmental.

-Knowledge of toxicological risks and their effects on health and the environment.


Our Philosophy: Ecoefectivity
Incorporate processes of ecoefectivity to minimize the cycle from cradle to grave (cradle to grave) and generate cyclic metabolisms from the cradle to the cradle (cradle to cradle) that allow materials to maintain their status as resources in any part of the process.


In JPG-INTEC we maintain constant innovation processes, in a collaborative and synergistic manner with the aim of seeking an eco-efficient solution to the problems and needs of consulting companies. This involves defining the criteria for adjusting those profiles and evaluating the capabilities of the systems or products we propose. This task requires research to create the techniques for defining profiles and evaluating them.

Our analysts assume that only what can be evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively should be considered an operational and reliable data for management.